Custom Loose Fitted Slipcovers

Here is that loose look so many people have come to love!  Call it Shabby, call it chic, call it casual chic, it is a wonderful look.  Possibilities are endless too, with decorative button on skirts, contrasting cording or whatever you desire. 

A nice cover up for your velvet antiques in washable natural canvas for the Summer.
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It is all in the details!  When you have a slipcover custom made, you can have what you want.  Mixed fabrics, bows, loose and casual.  Whatever you desire for your dream room
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The above loose fit covers have detachable skirts, buttoned underneath.  When removed they have a more formal look, with the corded bottom hem of the frame cover exposing the wooden legs.

 More casual fit pieces.
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 If you are located in New Hampshire, I would be happy to come to your home to produce one of these beautiful covers for you.  ($10 per hour travel time fee)  If you are located many miles away and are interested in quality covers for Parsons chairs, folding chairs, and more, take a look at our collection of Chair Covers.   For those of you who don't mind doing some measuring, you can have a casual cover made for your sofa or upholstered chair.  


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