Duplicated Slipcovers


Having slipcovers re-made can be such a hassle!  Where to find the fabric? Which fabric to choose? Where to find quality workmanship? If you have slipcovers that need to be replaced, or you would just like a new look for Summer. The easiest way to get high quality re-makes of your current slipcovers is to send them to Seams To Be. For labor pricing and fabric chart click here.

As you can see variations can be made upon your request, like the skirt starting from the deck instead.


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slipcvr2.jpg (1159117 bytes)DSCN5534.JPG (1124512 bytes)

CarolBefore.jpg (124636 bytes) CarolAfter.jpg (110462 bytes)

With the chair above we don't have a picture of the old cover on the chair.  The old cover was duplicated but done without a skirt this time.  The old cover was close to the color on the actual chair with a box pleat skirt, so you can see what a totally different look this skirtless denim cover is.

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