Scarf Swags 
To measure for Scarf Swags, you can take any kind of rope or twine and drape it to the side length and depth you find appealing than measure the length. If you're using a pole and want more than one swag use the same method, being sure to double check that your swags are at the depth you want.  Another quick method, but a little less accurate, would be to measure the width that you need and the two side lengths and add 20" for each swag.
When using a pole.

When using holders. Note that as you pull downward on the scarf to create the swag you will increase the taper of the hanging cascades. If you don't want a large taper, request straight hems.

If you are using holders but wish to have the swag drape downward at the top also and not go straight across set your string to the desired drop and measure the complete length
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