Roman Shades

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Front Tuck Romans are a smooth hanging treatment.  With the added weight of the dowels inside the tucks the fabric is kept taut.  We can fabricate them with the tucks to the back also.  The only caution on this style is selecting prints that the tucking will have an adverse effect on the prints design.

Soft Fold Romans, also called Hobbled Romans is a series of softly folded pleats.  Because of the fullness, the stack is deeper than the other styles when it is fully raised.  A beautiful treatment with lots of texture and visual interest.

Flat Romans require the least fabric to produce and work well as a companion  treatment under valances and cornices.

Swag Romans have a romantic appeal.  They can be made to hang flat when completely down.  Swag Romans are made by using only two pull cords, one on each side of the shade.  Since they do only have two lines of cording supporting the weight of the shade, unless your using a very light fabric they are not well suited for very wide windows.

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I have to tell you how excited we are about the shades!  Even my installer who has been doing this for a long time said, " I am very impressed how nicely they fit together and so easy to install."  My mother-n-law came by to see them and said the color was perfect and they look just wonderful.  So thank you a for doing such a wonderful job.  We love them so much.  They are everything I wanted for these rooms and more.
Nancy Abramson

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