Pillow Styles

The Basic Styles

Clockwise from top left, Flange, Ruffle, Corded, and knife edge.  You can have decorative fringe or cording added to any of these styles. Need a style not shown?  Just email juliecolby@seamstobe.com or call 603-934-0120 to get a quote.

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The following prices include fabric covered corded finish.  Application of other decorative trims may add to the cost of labor.

Throw pillow covers with zipper or velcro closure.......1.50 per inch 

up to $40 then use cushion pricing. If you desire a rectangular shape just add the two sides and divide by 2 for your number of charged inches. Bolsters use length only (minimum $30 charge for bolster style covers).

Small Cushions (under 2 sq.ft.).....$30.00
Average Cushions(2 to 5 sq. ft.).....$40.00
Larger cushions add $5/sq. ft. over 5 sq. ft. ie; 8 sq. ft. would be $55.00


To figure the square feet multiply the width by length of the top of the cushion.  On a T cushion measure the wider front T area for the width, then from the front to back of the cushion for the length. Divide this by 144" for the square feet. Round up to nearest 1/2 sq ft.

If you need forms for your pillows we carry everything from fiberfill to 100% down pillow forms.  

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