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   We offer complete upholstery services as well as custom made furniture. 

To view some of our upholstery work.

If you don't think it is possible to have high quality custom made furniture to fit your home without spending more than you can afford.  You will be pleasantly surprised when you browse through our custom furniture offerings.   

All of these furniture frames are produced from kiln-dried hardwoods.  All the exposed areas are constructed from Northern soft maple.  Accents on the pieces are true carving, none of the detailing is created by embossing.

The finest upholstery techniques are used which include eight way hand tying of springs.

Parson chairs

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You can have a parson chair made to your specifications.  Your choice of shape, arms, fabric, and wood finish. To build and preview your selection use this page.  Email me at for pricing 

Arm Chairs


Below are just some of the arm chair styles we have available. Have a picture of something not shown, send it to me. Click on any picture for a larger view.  We also offer a full line of configurable furniture in chairs and sofas. You pick the size then the arm, back and leg style of the frame.  For more information just send me an email.

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Style 2


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Style 3


Style 4


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Style 5


Style 6


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Style 7


Style 8


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Style 9


Style 10


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Style 11


Style 12


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Style 13


Style 14


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Just some of the wood finishes to choose from.  We also produce distressed and various antique finishes:

Antique Walnut Cherry Classic Oak
Honey Pine Mahogany Old Maple
Pecan Royal Walnut Tudor

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