Chair Covers
Chair covers can be made with decorative cording rather than fabric covered cording.  You can also have brush fringe on the hems, or almost any variation.  If you would like a cover made differently or with additions, just email or call for a quote.


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Made to fit from customers measurements.
Labor costs
Plain no skirt...$75.00
Parsons with arms add $25.00.
With skirt add $50.00 (tailored pleated corners)
Gathered or box pleat all around skirt is an extra $5.00/foot.
Zipper closures..$15.00

Required yardage:
Plain no skirt is approximately 3 yards
With skirt is approximately 4 1/2 yards
Gathered or box pleat skirt  approximately 5 1/2 yards
Bows add 1/2 yard per bow.
These are based on solid 54” fabric, patterns which
require centering may require more fabric.
Parson styles with arms require approximately 1 yard more of fabric.

A is the total height.
B is the height of the backrest.
C is the width of the backrest, from one back corner to the other.
D is the seat height, measure from floor to top of seat.
E is the width of the seat. If the front is wider than the back write in both measurements.
F is the depth of the seat.
G is the width of the back, at widest area.
H (not shown) is the total length around the chair at the seat.  If you have a parson with a shaped back, usually a scroll at the top you need to trace the shape of the scroll.  When measuring the total height,  place your tape measure against the piece all the way up following the curve, do not by pass the length of the curve shape. If you have a parson with arms you will need to measure the height, length and thickness of the arms.

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